Before becoming the Canonica of the San Siro Church, the sevenhundredth building was the house where Bartolomeo Bona was born on October 4th 1793.

Politician, minister of Public Works and also senator of Regno di Sardegna, he was an art, science and architecture lover, and he contributed to the modernization of Nizza Monferrato’s infrastructures. He has always been attached to that town that has decided to dedicate him both a street with his name and a statue located in Guglielmo Marconi Square.

During the 1800s it became the rectory of San Siro’s Church, the place where catholic clergy lived.

Nowdays, after being abandoned for 40 years, the fascinating building situated in Via Pio Corsi, in the oldtown of Nizza Monferrato, has undergone a careful restoration that brought back to life his old beautiful walls made of bricks and the precious furnishings.
Inside have been realized seven apartments of different sizes , all of them with a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom and original elements of the building such as furniture, doors and hardwood floor.
Canonica is a place where ancient and modern are blended creating a very elegant and sophisdticated resort, the starting place to discover one of the most beautiful landscape of the world, full of history and known for its quality of wine and food.

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