Archpriest was the title referred to a prelate who had jurisdiction over a
college of presbyters. This apt is characterised by a wall with exposed bricks and by a mezzanine whose floor is made of the original parquet, giving an atmosphere in perfect balance between old and contemporary.


One of the most known and important role in the catholic hierarchy, the Bishop, gives the name to this three room apt on second floor where the warmth of the recicled wood from the old beams that used to support cotto floors, is blending with metals and exposed bricks giving a strong visual impact yet elegant and international.


A careful restoration has brought back to life the old ceiling’s frescos of this studio apt, today still visible from the room and even from the bathroom, that is covered with an elegant crystal plate. The room gets its name from the Altar boy,a young person who attends to support the priest during the liturgical celebrations.


The name derives from latin praepositus and it is one of the most common prelatical title. The homonymous apt, which is located right where one of the historical provost of Nizza Monferrato used to live, is characterized by contemporary suggestions that are blending with furnishings recovered from the original structure such as doors that have been re-used as headboard in the bedroom.


The name refers to a minister less important than the priest. In this ground floor studio apt, the eye is immediately caught by the crystal chandelier in Maria Vittoria style and by the restored old wardrobe into the wall. A private garden makes summer the perfect moment to enjoy Nizza Monferrato’s landscape in a cozy and relaxing frame.


Sacristan, from latin sacristanus, is an officer charged with care of the sacrist, a sort of room by the church. The omonimous apt is characherised by antique prints on walls and furniture that together create fascinating geometric games, and also by a private balcony overlooking the internal courtyard of LaCanonica.


In the famous “The Betrothed” hystiorical novel by Alessandro Manzoni, Perpetua is the servant of Don Abbondio, who is the prelate of the small town where Lucia Mondella comes from. The apt blends together different materials such as wood, metal and bricks, while the private balcony is the ideal place for an aperitif or even to relax at any time of the day.


Among the most important artist of the contemporary art, Marc Chagall is distinguished by a colorful hatching and closely related to the shapes and shades of childhood. The airiness and brightness of his paintings are breathed in this spacious and finely furnished apartment, where elegance and imagination are at home both inside and outside.


Paul Gauguin is considered one of the main exponents of French post-impressionism. His Parisian origins and his passion for the exotic countries of the world, especially Polynesia, can be found in the apartment that bears his name thanks to the paintings on the walls, a French-style bathroom and materials that blend together with elegance and versatility.